3. Training.

    Sir/Daddy just agreed to starting ‘position’ training, he’s going to set mesons positions to learn and then test me on them, correcting my mistakes and then punishing them if I continuously get them wrong and rewarding them if I get them right! I’m so excited :D





  7. 1.There will be days when you don’t wake up feeling beautiful. Go back to sleep on these days. Set an alarm. Wake up over and over again until the sun kisses you so hard, you glow.
    2. Learn to stop tattooing sad songs across your wrist. Your pulse will start sounding like a final breath, and that’s not the kind of music you want to make, baby.
    3. There is an orchestra in your footsteps. There is a piano in your spine. There is poetry in your heartbeat. Your eyelashes cast shadows like stage lighting. You will wear musical notes across your chest that warn the others that this is no small production.
    4. When they don’t want to love you, don’t stop singing. You can’t be everyone’s favorite song, no matter how beautiful you are.
    5. Your heart isn’t clumsy just because it keeps walking into things. Sometimes, it takes a while to learn how to walk.
    6. Even the stars feel dull sometimes. They’re still stars. They’re still a miracle.
    7. You are still miracle. You are still miracle.
    8. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s okay. The trees have been alive for hundreds of years, and some days they still shake, too.
    9. You are made of untranslated languages. Words no one has been brave enough to try to speak. That doesn’t make them any less holy.
    10. The words inside of you can wrap around your heart like a cast. But only if you want to heal.
    11. It’s time that you start wanting to heal. It’s the only way you can. It’s the only way you can.
    — Y.Z, Getting better  (via dreamguide)

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  8. Glowy and Papas safewords


    Safewords are extremely important for just about anyone (some doms know when to stop by visual displays their subs give). So papa and i elaborated on ours!

    Mango: im almost at my limit, please ease up
    Kiwi: please give me more



  10. I made a loom band penguin!! He’s so cute :D


  11. intoxifaded:

    I almost scream “oh wow!” In the middle of class when I saw this

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  12. i-hate-the-beach:


    Over time, I’ve noticed some people like their ears closer together,some like farther apart,and people always love options.

    Because of this,we are going to transition into clip/headband instead of one or the other! This way YOU can choose the positioning on your own headband,or opt to not have it at all! :) <3

    These are perfect I need them!